For owners, by owners. We exist to solve independent owners’ problems. Banding together evens the playing field. The buying power of a REIT, partnership with like-minded leaders, solutions to everyday problems – at Storelocal, we speak your language.

What is Storelocal

Storelocal is a cooperative of self-storage owners and operators coming together to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our members leverage new and existing resources to lower their operational costs and increase their profit.

The Concept

We provide access to best in class products and services through in-house technology development, vendor partnerships plus Storelocal brand licensing. The knowledge and efficiencies we bring our members bridges the gap between the acquisition costs and occupancies of the top national operators and reservation systems. The co-op’s real estate value today is over 3.5 billion dollars. At co-op maturity the real estate value will top 30 billion. A cooperative is equitable to all participants, has enough flexibility to accommodate members of all sizes, and fosters loyalty through ownership.

Market Opportunity

Today’s customers choose companies whose technology makes it easy for them to transact. Our Tenant™ suite of technology, customer acquisition tools and enhanced services will meet and surpass their expectations. In turn, occupancy rates will rise and customer acquisition costs will stabilize. Just a 2% rise in occupancy will increase the valuation of the collective stores by more than a billion dollars. We are ideally positioned to become the largest force in the storage industry worldwide.

Our Solution

We provide a scalable platform of products and services aligned to the needs of our owners. Member stores are listed in a sophisticated and fully transactional online reservation system that plugs into our GDS. The reservation system is complemented with an integrated rental engine, affiliate relationships and referrals system, and a suite of mobile applications and websites, including those of our members. The customer experience across the spectrum will result in significantly higher retention rates. Our customers will have access to online products that meet and exceed expectations.


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