Preeminent roofing contractor offering full spectrum of replacement/recover/retrofit for all types of commercial roofing. 1000+ Designed, engineered, on site fabricated & safely installed metal/single ply roof applications.

Working With Us

ReRoof USA offers a full spectrum of roofing options for replacement, recover, or retrofit for all types of commercial roofing. Our goal is to be ON-SITE, ON-SCHEDULE, ALL THE TIME for your roofing project to minimize the impact on your property. We provide design, engineering, material supply and installation of metal roofing systems and single ply applications. Our roof systems can be installed over existing metal, shingle, rubber and asphalt roof systems. We can site form several different profiles of standing seam roofs on site in continuous lengths, and are a certified installer for the top roofing manufacturer systems. We have safely installed over 1000+ roofs. Currently serving all states east of the Colorado Rockies.


Why Choose ReRoof USA?

At ReRoof USA, our strengths are providing the full spectrum of roofing options at competitive prices due to our strong relationships with our vendors and our ability to fund large projects and pay our suppliers promptly. We have a large work force with the ability to cover a large territory and still keep our prices competitive.



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