PTI Security Systems provides industry-leading access control security and integrative technologies. Our innovative and reliable solutions are designed to create a seamless customer experience, streamline operations, and support a thriving business.

Why Choose PTI Security Systems?

PTI Security Systems is the worldwide leader in self-storage security. With over 40 years of experience in the self-storage industry, we are proud to empower owners and operators with the technology solutions they need to create a seamless customer experience, streamline their operations, and grow their business.


Learn More About Our Self-Storage Solutions

Access Control 

From our cloud-based access control software to our robust hardware, a fully integrated PTI system allows owners and operators to automate their access management and can be customized to fit the unique needs of your self-storage facility. 


Mobile Solutions

Learn how your facility can achieve an improved level of facility monitoring and convenience with tenant-facing and operator-facing mobile access control solutions.


Door Security 

Door alarms and smart locks add an individualized layer of protection to your facility that improves automation and security. Learn how easy it is to distinguish yourself as a premium self-storage facility with PTI’s door security solutions. 


Educate Yourself on All Things Self-Storage! 

 Access Control Essentials 

An access control system is an integral part of any self-storage security strategy. It integrates with your property management system to ensure that only paying customers are able to access the property and their units. Learn more about how an access control system works together by clicking the button below and downloading our essential guide! 


The Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control Software for Self-Storage 

In the self-storage industry, the transition to a cloud-based access control software solutions offers operators a multitude of valuable benefits to improve operations. Click the link below for a visual outline and learn what migrating to a cloud-based access control solution can do for your self-storage business! 


How to Leverage Self-Storage Technology to Decrease Delinquencies

Tenant delinquencies are inevitable, but self-storage owners and operators can leverage technology to cut down the time it takes to collect rental payments. Discover some smart ways to improve your collection efforts and free up enormous amounts of time and energy each month by downloading our infographic through the link below! 



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