219 S. William Dillard Drive, Suite 131, Gilbert, Arizona 85233, United States

Caliber Metal Buildings

219 S. William Dillard Drive, Suite 131, Gilbert, Arizona 85233, United States


Caliber Metal Buildings is a southwest leader in the supply and erection of metal structures and specializes in the construction of self-storage facilities. Caliber Metal Buildings supplies all metal framing products, roofing products, and trim.

Caliber Metal Buildings was founded in 2006. We provide the Southwest with exceptional service and products in relation to any metal structure.  Since the beginning, Caliber Metal Buildings has built over 2 million+ square feet of structure. We specialize in self-storage, canopies, prefabricated buildings or tenant improvement work. As a result, Caliber Metal Buildings has developed extensive knowledge through our vast history.

Caliber Metal Buildings can offer a developer a complete package that includes: help with the design of the facility, supply of needed materials and erection of such materials.

Take a look at our services we can provide for your project:

Caliber Metal Building offers many of the services you need to take your project from the beginning stage through to completion.

Single-Story Self Storage

Caliber Metal Buildings provides Single-Story Self Storage Options that make a difference to You & Your Renters. You can rely on Calibers Metal buildings years of experience as we work together with your design team creating your project. We can review and make meaningful recommendations for your a single story site plan that maximizes the efficiency of the square footage of your rentable space.

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Multi-Story Self Storage

Caliber’s Multi-Story Self Storage Building Systems are Remarkably Economical.With the current high cost of real estate, multi-story storage facilities have become an economical way for developers to maximize their ROI. Multi-story climate controlled facilities are in high demand by renters, developers that invest in this type of facility are able to capitalize on rental rates that reflect this service.

Steel Framing

Light gauge steel building system are designed to be more economical than other building methods. They are quickly & easily constructed which saves time on your construction schedule, which allows owners to open their facilities and start generating revenue earlier. In multi-story facilities Caliber Metal Buildings can furnish:

All insulations ~ Sheet metal partition walls ~ Metal floor & roof decks ~ Standing-seam metal roof

Self Storage Door/ Hallway system

Caliber Metal Buildings will furnish and install all self storage door and hallway systems. We have relationships with multiple vendors to provide the system that works best for your project.

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Enclosed Boat/RV

As the economy improves the demand for Enclosed Boat/RV storage increases. Caliber Metal Buildings is capable of supplying a cost effective solution to enclosed parking for boats or RV’s. Enclosed Boat/ RV storage commands higher rental rates than the traditional non-enclosed boat and RV canopies.

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219 S. William Dillard Drive, Suite 131, Gilbert, Arizona 85233, United States