5029 NW 95th Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33076, United States

BMSGRP Self Storage Consultants

5029 NW 95th Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33076, United States


BMSGRP Self Storage Consultants  is a one-stop shop for all your self-storage needs, offering third-party management, feasibility studies, development assistants, and facility start-ups. The company has extensive experience working internationally.

Self Storage Project Consultants

Over 20 years helping clients develop award-winning SELF STORAGE projects nationwide.


Self Storage Snap Report

Our web-based snap report will provide developers with a high-level audit of your land’s feasibility and determine if it pays to move forward with your project.


Self Storage Feasibility Report

Secured a site for your self-storage facility but unsure where to begin? Our comprehensive feasibility study will provide an in-depth review of your self-storage site, a detailed executive summary with recommendations and much more.


Self Storage Consulting Service

Whether you are a new self storage developer undertaking his first self-storage project or a repeat builder, no one wants to tackle it alone. BMSGRP offers over 22 years of self storage experience, with hundreds of successfully completed projects.



With over 15-years in the business, Eric specialized in full-service consulting for the self-storage industry. His expertise lies in assisting first-time novice investors and developers worldwide in the complete process from site location, site planning, zoning, design, unit mix, office layout, security, branding, marketing, and operations. Eric has successfully completed projects and led keynotes sessions as a storage industry expert throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.


5029 NW 95th Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33076, United States