2065 FM 1105, New Braunfels, Texas 78132, United States

A-LERT Roof and Building Systems

2065 FM 1105, New Braunfels, Texas 78132, United States


With over 40 years of service, A-Lert Building Systems is a single-source designer, engineer, supplier, manufacturer, and installer for all types of self-storage buildings and metal roofing, also offering metal building and roofing component sales.

A-Lert Building Systems is a single source designer, supplier, manufacturer, and installer for all types of self storage buildings. We provide your business with a complete self-storage construction solution. Whether you are entering the business for the first time, renovating an existing facility, or considering expanding your business, A-Lert is the answer for self storage building systems. Our experienced staff will guide you through the entire process, from concept to completion while saving you from excessive cost and wasted efforts.

Now is the time to achieve your business goals.  Call us now at 800-210-5375 to see why we are a leading manufacturer in the self-storage building industry.  The A-Team is ready to partner with you for your success.


At A-Lert Building Systems, we know choosing the right metal building supplier for your project is critical for your budget, timeline, and the overall success of your project. To assist in helping you to make this decision confidently we offer the following list of considerations.

1 Can the vendor bond your job? A bond is like an insurance policy protecting the property owner in the event the job isn't completed by the contractor or liens are placed on the property. The bonding company, or surety, will pay to complete the job and pay any unpaid subcontractors or vendors in the event your contractor has financial problems.
2 Did your contractor/vendor provide you an insurance certificate? If your contractor's employee is injured on your job site and the contractor doesn't carry workers compensation insurance,  you (the property owner) will ultimately be responsible for the medical bills in most states.
3 Does your vendor carry professional liability insurance? If any damage or injury is due to a design flaw in your building, your contractor's general liability insurance won't protect you. He needs to provide an insurance certificate showing that he also carries professional liability insurance.
4 Can your vendor supply a one piece roof system eliminating all lap joints and associated leak points? Laps and penetrations provide opportunities for leaks.
5 Is the material and installation under one contract? You don't want to have to determine if the material was shorted, damaged by the installer, or mis-fabricated. Insist on one, lump sum contract that results in a completed project.
6 How long has your vendor/contractor been in business? Unfortunately, many suppliers are poorly capitalized and their longevity in business is questionable. A warranty is only as good as the company who backs it.
7 Does your vendor/contractor have a contractor's license to build on your project site? In most states a contractor's license is required. Starting a project without a licensed contractor will result in the construction ceasing and a delayed opening.
8 May I visit your manufacturing plant? Many vendors listed on the web are simply brokers of material, lacking both investment in your project and long-term customer commitment.  


2065 FM 1105, New Braunfels, Texas 78132, United States